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Mother’s Day Yoga

In Hot Classes, News on May 7, 2011 at 5:53 PM

I received this beautiful Valentine to the power of grandmothers in the e-mail yesterday. It’s the story of a Holocaust survivor, of letting go to claim the future, of a granddaughter — it’s the story of yoga, across the generations.

Happy Mother’s Day, Lilo, to all Mothers and Grandmothers.

You and your Mom/Grandmom/Daughter/Granddaughter can take a class with Lilo and Ariela this Mother’s Day at Yoga District’s Dupont Circle Studio.

Lilo and Ariele

Lilo and Ariele

A Mother’s Day Tribute to My Grandmother.

My grandma taught after school yoga classes in my elementary school gym.

Attendees were mostly school staff, but whenever my parents had childcare needs, I got front a row mat so to speak.

In the innocently accepting way of youth, I was in my late teens before I realized that my grandma was a yoga teacher.

By that time, I had participated precociously in many formal yoga classes and was pretty fascinated by all things that appeared rebellious. Until the realization above I thought that yoga fell into that category. Grandma squashed all hopes of rebellion. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

Fast forward fifteen years: I have been teaching yoga for a decade. I am proud to call my grandma, Lilo, my mentor. She was my first yoga teacher, and I mean that in more ways than one.

Off the mat, my grandmother has a wild and precarious life story. One big punctuation mark occurred in her late teens, when Lilo was one of about 70 jews who survived World War II in the city of Berlin. She lost most of her family, all but perhaps one friend, her home and was smacked with a lesson in non-attachment that many of us cannot fathom.

That experience informs her yoga practice to this day.

I continue to be a student of yoga, taking multiple yoga classes a week. When I go home and take a class with my grandma, I’m always utterly charmed by the laughter she elicits, her sense of humor and the loyalty her students show. She’s just different. Being an eye-witness to life’s insanities and fleetingness is one way to hone your enjoyment of the present moment.

This weekend, I am deeply honored to bring her to my home to co-teach a yoga workshop. Mother’s Day Partner Yoga is an all levels – all ages – all bodies experience not to be missed. If you can’t bring your mother, bring a friend, your partner, come solo, it doesn’t matter. We will dedicate the practice to our mothers. Personally, I’ll also dedicate my practice to my grandmother, an inspiration, a wise soul, and survivor with a wicked sense of humor.

Mother’s Day Partner Yoga with Grandma Yogi Lilo for All Levels, All Bodies
Sunday May 8th (Mother’s Day)
Yoga District’s Dupont Circle Studio (1635 Connecticut Avenue NW (5th floor, no elevator), Washington, District of Columbia.

Plan to arrive ~10-15 minutes early.

sign up here:

Facebook invite page:


Ariele teaches private lessons and group yoga classes in Washington, DC. She completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in May 2011 and looks forward to combining her knowledge of yoga with physical therapy practice.

For more on classes with Lilo or Ariele, see

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