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In News on February 2, 2012 at 6:00 PM

Student at Studio DC, Washington Post

Five years ago a new wave of yoga studios began to open in gentrifying neighborhoods all across DC. Now the studios are going beyond teaching beginners, as young women disillusioned by the deadening nature of professional work in Washington, DC, turn to yoga studios for deeper meaning.

The Washington Post profiles the graduation ceremony of a Studio DC 200 hour program. Sixteen young women dressed in white, like brides or candidates for Christian confirmation, walk down a candle-lit aisle strewn with red rose petals. Heady with spiritual commitment and fellowship, they cry, laugh and hug, as studio owners Katja Brandis, and husband Ryan Arnoldy, also in white, look on.

DC has one of the fastest growing yoga communities in the nation. The North American Studio Alliance, a trade group of sorts that is better known as NAMASTA, estimates that the number of yoga professionals has grown by more than 200 percent here in the past five yearswrites the Post.

What does it take, other than a trust fund, to be a yoga teacher in DC?

Alanna Kaivalya, founder of the Kaivalya Yoga Method, lists three qualifications of a good teacher for the Huffington Post:

1/ Connection to a lineage

2/ A daily practice

3/ Enjoyment of people

If we can inspire and encourage students to move (safely) beyond their limitations, we will have done what our teachers once did for us, and in this way, we render the magic [spiritual guru] Krishnamacharya’s wisdom, writes Kaivalya.

Tall orders for the young brides of yoga.

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