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Yogis Seek Shelter from the Tax Man

In News on April 11, 2012 at 12:36 PM


Should the “yacht tax” be applied to yoga studios?

Mayor Bloomberg may want wellness for all New Yorkers, but not as much as he wants to increase the tax on yoga studios — and possibly put  studios out of business — says the Wall Street Journal. The city is reclassifying studios as “fitness centers” which are taxed at a higher rate.

Seventy NY yogis met to discuss possible repercussions and alternatives. Will these yogis rise up, asks the WSJ? How do a “peace-loving people” enter into the fray?

The real question may be, is yoga a fitness exercise or a spiritual one? What do you think?
See the WSJ on the “Yoga Crisis.”

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  2. Oppose the taxman. Always. He is the tool by which the state steals what belongs to the people who generate wealth. Live free or die, yogis. You might think you’re free to sip your latte and talk about how progressive you are, but you should be drinking tea. Maybe if you do enough yoga, you will start to see.

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