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American Yogi — Last Chance to Vote

In Essay, News, Yoga on April 17, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Lizzie Watson, family photo

Who best represents American yoga?

A man balancing on the crown of his head,  a 100-year-old woman who practices chair yoga in sky-blue socks or Lizzie Watson, a former ballerina in a stunning black and white snapped by her husband? They are all top vote-getters in the Yoga Journal 2012 Talent Search.

April 17 is your last chance to choose (up to five times) Ms/Mr Yoga Journal 2012. Judges for Yoga Journal, which has been around for 35 years and has a million and a half readers, will select the winner of their October cover contest from the top five viewer favorites and voting ends today.

Yoga Journal, the Good Housekeeping of yoga, has its pick of 1553 middle-class, mostly female, almost entirely white Americans. Strikingly, the rest of yoga in America is absent. Rachel Omolewu is one of a very few African-American woman. Missing  are the convicts of the Prison Yoga Project or the homeless and street kids supported by Yoga Activist and Street Yoga.

Troll through the shots to get a picture of  yoga in America, where you’ll see people practicing in their underwear, 9-months pregnant, on the beach, between the living room couches and with their cats and dogs. Vote early and often: Yoga lifts up everyone. And next year, send in photos from the streets, community centers and jail houses, too. Because yoga is a rising tide.

  1. Love. Love. LOVE that you point out that most of the applicants are…well…like me damn it. I think it’s because these are the sorts of people that read Yoga Journal but still… perhaps next year we’ll see the breast cancer patients I teach or perhaps the veterans of wars that are served by yoga…or the refugee communities…

  2. Yes! There are the breast cancer survivors you work with and whom Ana Forrest has done much for. There are the soldiers meditating in Afghanistan and the severely wounded veterans practicing at Walter Reed in DC. That would be an act of yoga to put a soldier (our 21st century Arjuna?) on the November cover of Yoga Journal. Thank you for the comment!

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