News & Thoughts on Yoga in DC


DC Yoga Insider is published for people interested in yoga who live in and around Washington, D.C.

What You Will Find

  • Hot Classes: Upcoming workshops, retreats, specials classes and teacher training programs in the D.C. Metropolitan area.
  • Studios and Gurus: A directory of studios, yoga lineages and yoga teachers.
  • News: Short news bites about yoga and meditation and how they affect you.
  • A Yogini’s Notes: Experiences of a yoga practitioner.
  • Quotes: Excerpts from poetry and writings of mystics, yogis, philosophers and scientists.
  • Photos: Work of local photographers featuring Washingtonians practicing yoga and quiet places of beauty in D.C.


Send your favorite quotations and photos for publication, including credit information, to:

  • YogaWarrior_AT_me_DOT_com

Who Should Read DC Yoga Insider

According to a 2008 study by Yoga Journal an estimated 15.8 million Americans practice yoga. Seventy-five percent had been practicing for more than a year. More than nine million people intended to try yoga in the next year. In other words, most modern Americans are not religious ascetics.

American yogis are “householders” raising children, cleaning house, fighting traffic and balancing checkbooks. We are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic or perhaps “spiritual.”  We do yoga because it eases our back pain, lifts our droopy butts, calms our hornets-nest of fears, centers our hearts and makes us happy. Yoga may also open us up to the Divine, the Holy Ghost, Yahweh, or it may not. No matter. We just do it.


Diana V Morgan, Editor

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